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EI Desafio 2012

National level game developer competition
Eligible students
Registration ends
28 Feb 2012
Deadline for submission
05 Mar 2012
Event Location
Remember the school recesses when you sat in round circles with your dear friends and counted numbers out loud turn by turn?? But instead of chanting the multiples of 5, clapped as hard as you could?? Isn't it interesting how we never found it boring to calculate whether our next number is a multiple of 5 or not, quickly before our turn came? But when asked to write down tables of 5, found nothing worse than that?

Desafio, in spanish literally means challenge. With Desafio, it is your chance to take the challenge to create a game that kids find fun, while at the same time challenges their mind to discover something, make them apply the concepts they have been learning or make them learn something new altogether. And to you, along with sheer joy of creating something fun, it will also bring some exciting prizes. And also an opportunity to work on many other such exciting projects with us.
Competition details
Mario, Pacman, NFS built history - Memories of summer vacations spent hooked to joysticks and remote controls, staring into the television screen are very fond and still fresh. The situation between us and our parents was no less than a game of ‘Angry Birds’! Become a part of Desafio and get back at all those who protested you planning the video games and computer games. It is not sheer waste of time but can prove to be a fun way to learn.

Desafio is a brand new competition for youth aspiring to explore the exciting world of developing online or off line games, applications and other interactive tools. These games / applications / tools should be original creations that will help students to understand topics, subject concepts or even skills. You do not need to be a coding geek to make these all, trust us. All you need to do is to visualize how students learn a particular concept or skill and how can that learning be made better. Check out our resources tab and we will help you out to go ahead.

  • Desafio is open to all working professionals and students pursuing graduation/post graduation from any college
  • Register as a team (of maximum of 3 members)
  • A participant cannot be a part of more than 1 team
  • Students forming the team need not be from the same college
  • There is no restriction on number of teams from one college
Other Event details
Event Format:

1. Desafio is an online contest. Only a fully developed game will be considered as a valid entry
2. Game can be built on any format (Java/Flash/Flex/Python or any other)
3. We have some game developer software listed under the ‘Resources’ tab for your reference
4. You also need to send us a game supporting document which lists out:
  • Basic features of the game
  • Levels in the game
  • Game controls
  • Subject Skills/Concepts dealt in the game
5. Registration closes on 28th February, 2012
6. Upload final version of the game and game supporting document by 5th March, 2012
7. Shortlisted entries based on our judging criteria will be announced by 10th March, 2012
8. Shortlisted entries will be given time to make relevant changes before the online voting takes place.

Judging Criteria:
Parameter Weightage
  • Concept/idea 40%
  • Interface (How user friendly it is) 20%
  • Skills/Concepts dealt 30%
  • Online Polls 10%

Registration details:
  • Nothing much just fill up the form and you are there. You will receive a mail confirming your participation.
  • Take your time, create your masterpiece and upload it before 12th March 2012.
  • For anything else get in touch at
  • To Register: Please follow this link.
Prize Details
Up for Grabs:
  • Couple of tablets, iPhones, paid internships and a lot more…
  • Well all the above worth a whooping Rs 1.5 lakh.


  • Internships will be mutually decided, based upon your availability and our convenience. Internships offered will be for 4 – 8 weeks and can be converted into a final placement (in case you just want to stick around).
Event Facebook page
Event Twitter Page!/eiindia
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