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EI Desafio 2012

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

Remember the school recesses when you sat in round circles with your dear friends and counted numbers out loud turn by turn?? But instead of chanting the multiples of 5, clapped as hard as you could?? Isn't it interesting how we never found it boring to calculate whether our next number is a multiple of 5 or not, quickly before our turn came? But when asked to write down tables of 5, found nothing worse than that?

Desafio, in spanish literally means challenge. With Desafio, it is your chance to take the challenge to create a game that kids find fun, while at the same time challenges their mind to discover something, make them apply the concepts they have been learning or make them learn something new altogether. And to you, along with sheer joy of creating something fun, it will also bring some exciting prizes. And also an opportunity to work on many other such exciting projects with us.


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