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Image Processing using MATLAB: A Research Perspective

Event Description



The field of digital image processing refers to processing digital images by means of a digital computer. In recent years, various researchers are turning their attention towards the development of effective, efficient and robust computational techniques/methods for image processing analysis. Vision is the most advanced of our senses, so it is not surprising that images play the single most important role in human perception. However, unlike humans, who are limited to the visual band of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum, imaging machines cover almost the entire EM spectrum, ranging from gamma to radio waves. They can operate also on images generated by sources that humans are not accustomed to associating with images. These include ultrasound, electron microscopy and computer-generated images. Thus, digital image processing encompasses a wide and varied field of applications.


            Image Processing finds the applications in various areas like engineering, medicine, basic sciences, applied sciences, etc. Various researchers and industrialists are working in the areas of image processing & its applications in the fields of image enhancement, image restoration, Mammograms, Digital Water Marking, etc and so on in the last few years. This workshop will be useful for those who were working in different areas of image processing for carrying out their research works in an effective manner.

            You have more power than you think. By attending this one day Workshop with Hands-on Training, a thinking process effectively emerges to build/develop and use MATLAB software tool to develop your own idea that paves way to success. With your commitment in this workshop, you can enhance your knowledge in Image Processing using MATLAB tool that we taught and you will learn/know how to create a desktop application for Image Processing using MATLAB tool applications.


Event Details/Highlights


  • Basics of MATLAB – An Introduction
  • Overview of Image Processing Techniques:

         Image Enhancement and Filtering Techniques

  • Image segmentation and Classification
  • Watermarking Techniques
  • Research Trends in Image Processing

Case-studies: Creating Desktop applications using MATLAB for:

  • Retinopathy Image Enhancement
  • Noise Removal for Natural Images
  • Digital Watermarking for Biometric Images

Registration Details

Registration Fee: Rs. 590/- only per participant.

The applicants should send their applications in the specified format (available in the next page) along with the Demand Draft (DD) drawn in favour of “IIPCELL GRANT-IN-AID A/C” payable at Perundurai to reach us on or before 14th February 2018.

Contact if any clarification is required: 9843626288.

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