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Cognizance 2012

national level concept festival
Event starts
28 Sep 2012
Event ends
29 Sep 2012
Event Location
Anand, Changa, Gujarat
What is the goal of engineering? Answer is Betterment of the world through innovation in technology. Almost all technical festivals focus on various types of competitions. But do really competitions benefits to the real world’s problems? Does technical competition changes world? This was our inspiration. Current world faces many problems. We can divide this problem in various engineering domains. We want participants to find out innovative solutions to solve these problems. It is the choice of participation to choose the problem and solve it.

Hence, we introduce you “Concept Exhibition and awards” as the flagship event of Cognizance 2012. It is fundamentally a competition but unlike others, it’s competition of innovation. It has very simple structure clearly explained in below steps.

Our Goal: Engineers focus on innovation instead of competition.

Motivation for participants: Exhibition of their innovative Concepts which are beneficiary to real world problems. The best Concept per engineering domain will be awarded with the concept award trophy + rupees 10K Cash Prize. All participants get recommendation from our jury and exposure to present their concept in exhibition.

Also, there are many regular Technical Events, E-Events, Video Conferences and Workshops and Non-Tech Events included in our festival.
Event Details
(1) Flag Ship Event:- Concept Exhibition and Awards
(2) CE/IT events:-
  • (a) Code-e-thon - 18 hours continuous Coding event...!!
  • (b) D' Encrypto - Technical Treasure Hunt..!!
  • (c) Web Clone - Website Cloning Competition..!!
(3) Mech. events:-
  • (a) Stasis - A competition between Bots to survive all kinds of Pothholes..!!
  • (b) Next Da'Vinci - Make a vehicle carrying CATAPAULT and using only self stored Mechanical energy...NO BATTERIES, NO MOTORS, NO IC ENGINES..!!
(4) Electrical events:-
  • (a) Amphibio - A robotics competition between AMPHIBIAN robots. An amphibian, which won't sink in water & which won't fear to face the rocks.
  • (b) Fox Hunt - You will be tracking down the FOX(transmitter) that will be situated somewhere in the campus.
(5) EC events:-
  • (a) E' voke - Those miniatures circuits & its components are always fun to play with. Simulate software + Hardware
  • (b) Elicit Mesh - First time in India, an open book circuit designing event. This event won't be testing your memory, but your logic.
(6) Civil Events:-
  • (a) Civi-O-Neers - Prove yourself a true prioneer of Civil. Prove yourself an efficient & ideal civil engineer. This events challenges you on some pre-defined tasks, fulfill those, & gain the prestige.
  • (b) Bob The Builder - This event is all about constructing, constructing something unique, something too amazing to ignore.
(7) Non-Tech Events
Prize details
Winners from every branch in the CONCEPT exhibition and events will get 10K cash + trophy. More exciting prizes to be announced!!!
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