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National level techno cultural fest
Eligible students
Deadline for abstract submission
28 Feb 2012
Event starts
09 Mar 2012
Event ends
10 Mar 2012
Event Location
NEXUS ‘12, the technological extravaganza, is envisioned to be an edge, where technology and excellence meet each other.
""Intellectual education is not the acquisition of facts but learning how to make new facts live."" NEXUS ‘12 is an opportunity to give life, to the various facts that we have acquired . The festival will be a platform for the amateurs as well as the pros, a platform for the aspirants of the country to come and make a difference!
NEXUS ‘12 has a rich mix of technical as well as non-technical events (and not to mention some great prizes!), so there is always something for everyone.
The following are the list of warfields where u can showcase ur skills:
  •  PAPERO’YEZ-Paper Presentation Event
  •  DEXTERS LAB-Project presentation Event
  •  DIABLOS-Animation Contest
  •  KNOCK-OUT-Online Gaming
  •  VIB(E)RANCE-Best Manager Event
  •  CODEC-Code debugging
  •  DIGITUS AMBITUS-Digital design Event
  •  MICROBLAZE-Microprocessor programming event
  •  E-SPIRIT-General quiz
  •  ELECTROQUIZ-Technical quiz

And more excitingly, workshops from
  •  BOSCH
  •  SMART Training Resources India Pvt.Ltd.
Other details
Apart from these events, You ll be entertained by GCT's all time music stars in GCT ORCHESTRA
For queries
Mail @
• for general info:
• for papers:
• for projects: 
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