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IdeasMakeMarket Debate Challenge 1

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

IdeasMakeMarket Debate Challenge 1 is a National Level Competition Organized by Ideasmakemarket.Com..

Event Details/Highlights

Topic for debate : India's rise as super-power: 2020 ?

India has caught the attention of the world - Investments pouring in, but is it just a bubble or are we the next super power ?


  • In order to participate, you must be logged in to the portal through Facebook or Linkedin
  • Discussion should not divert from the topic given.
  • It should be a healthy discusion, should not point out any individual in a hurtful manner.
  • It will be evaluated based on the facts supporting your statement.
  • "Plagiarism" is not allowed,if any data is taken from other source it should be cited.
  • One should not use abusive symbol or words.


  • E-Certificates for top 4 debaters (2 in favour and 2 against the motion)
  • Top 4 debaters will have the chance to be become campus ambassadors for the portal (Conditions apply)
  • Top 4 debaters will have the opportunity to work in projects for (Conditions apply)


  • Likes received for the replies
  • Quality of points made in the replies

Replies made between 10th Dec, 2014 - 14th Dec, 2014 will be considered valid for the debate.



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