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Finopoly | Atharv'18

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

If finance and business is your forte, if profits are your vice, if numbers shape themselves to suit you, this is the game for you. Calling all the future tycoons out there. Gear up the hounds to take on the bulls and bears.

Event Details/Highlights

General Rules:


Team Size: Each team shall consist of 2 participants. Cross – college teams are also allowed.

Round I

Online Qualifier Round - Elimination based.

30 minutes, 20 finance based short/long questions

Round II  

On-Campus Round

A Stock Pitching Event that will be broadly scrutinised on the idea, analysis, presentation and Q&A session.

Round III

On-Campus Round

Atharv’18 Finopoly Time Lapse Trading: Participants will be given a portfolio and a scenario from an unknown time period. Cues will be provided to help gauge the mood of the markets. Historical data regarding the stock forms the basis of our evaluation. The highest valued portfolio at the end of the time determines the winner.

Prizes: Cash Prizes worth Rs 20000


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