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Meraz '19

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

Meraz is the Annual Techno-Cultural fest of IIT Bhilai which
is scheduled to be held in November 2019. IITs have a rich
culture of technical and cultural festivals. We are elated to join the league with our annual techno-cultural fest.

The fest provides a platform for students to tap their potential and unravel their quiescent talents. Students from various backgrounds and cultures will get an opportunity to interact and appreciate one another. It will bestow students with an unforgettable learning experience as MERAZ’19 offers a whole gamut of events that range from IT, Technical, Fashion, Culture & Culinary Arts.

A kaleidoscopic platform to showcase artistic talents of all sorts, it is a three day festival, filled with competitions and dazzling night shows bringing students from more than 100 colleges and institutions across India to a single stage, to compete ,perform and be discovered.

Event Details/Highlights

Event ideas


  1. Battle of Bands.

  2. Solo Singing. 

  3. Fashion Show.

  4. Nukkad Natak.

  5. In10sity.

  6. Solo/Duo Dance competition. 

  7. Stand up

  8. MUN.

  9. Mr and Ms Meraz.

  10. Quiz

  11. Laser Tag

  12. Murder Mystery.

  13. Poem writing competition

  14. 'Hasya Kavi Sammelan' type something

  15. Monologue

  16. Meraz Photowalk

  17. Mask painting

  18. The Improviser

  19. T-shirt painting

  20. Hand painting 

  21. Crafts related (Handi-Craft)

  22. Glass Painting



  1. Tech Riddles

  2. Arena Haste

  3. Real Steel

  4. Ro-boat

  5. Code Crusade

  6. Data Wars

  7. Astro-Gaatha

  8. CAD da Vinci

  9. Fireball

  10. Space Expo and Symposium

  11. Data Science Hackathon

  12. App Development Competition


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