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Rendezvous 2012

National level cultural fest
Organized by
IIT Delhi
Eligible students
For more details
Event starts
19 Oct 2012
Event ends
22 Oct 2012
Event Location
New Delhi
The annual cultural fest of IIT Delhi and the largest of its kind in North India, Rendezvous has become synonymous with thrill and exhilaration, perfectly blended in a raging atmosphere of a multitude of aptitudes to perform, entertain and enjoy. A perfect potpourri of all things youthful, Rendezvous, in essence, boils down to the exposition of an extravagant range of talents ranging from dance, drama, art, music to even debating, quizzing and gaming.

A national phenomenon that is eagerly awaited for by students from practically every college in the country, Rendezvous attracts not only college participation, but also professionals and imminent artists from around the globe, be it classical music, rock concerts, dance choreography and extending all the way to mind-boggling abstract performances.
Event Details - I
  • DHOOM is well known for playing host to the vast numbers of Bollywood fans, with exceptional performances from the most prominent faces of Bollywood such as Rabbi Shergill, KK, Kailash Kher, Mohit Chauhan and Javed Ali - which ensures that the blood still burns hot in most of the hardcore Bollywood fans who attend it.
  • BLITZKRIEG is a must-visit for any rock fan, with its extreme head banging and intoxicating all consuming music. It is sure to bring crowds of metal enthusiasts, continually mesmerized by various international bands such as Textures, Sylosis and Malefice, as well as the world class bands of India such as Parikrama, Decibel and Perestroika. This is one night the OAT always anticipates.
  • KALEIDOSCOPE is an evening of colors, as the Lifestyle fashion show and the Choreography dance performance bring together the combined energy of the masses in a full-on display of exemplary creativity and talent.
  • SPECTRUM is a scintillating mix of popular music, unmatchable innovation and infinite talent. Being one of the largest group dance competition in the nation,it brings together a crowd eager to immerse themselves in the exceptional performance of the various teams which battle it out in dance in the OAT.
  • CONFLUENCE is the international music festival in Rendezvous, and plays host to a variety of mesmerizing melodious songs from all across the world, from Mexico to Israel, from Swedish to Hungarian.
  • SAAZ is an evening of classical Indian music with the most soothing of tunes that will leave you enchanted. It has played host to various maestros including Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan and Shubaa Mudgal.
Event Details - II
Apart from the Pro nite events, the days of Rendezvous are filled with equally exhilarating events ranging from the whackiest to the zaniest - some of which include
  • Stuntmania,
  • Panorama,
  • Couple Dance,
  • Illuminati,
  • Aagaz,
  • Kashmakash,
  • Euphony,
  • Abhinay,
  • Trendz,
  • Loat Poat and Zeitgeist.
Rendezvous also plays host to a variety of competitive events conducted by the various cultural clubs of IIT Delhi, ranging from quizzing to photography to painting to debating to dance workshops.
Last, but not the least, we have the informal events of Rendezvous which is a wide plethora of fun and frolic. The Paintball, RDX Poolside, Gaming, Podium and Laser Tag are definitely to be attended to get the 100% Rendezvous experience
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