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COPEN Workshop Series

Event Description

Workshop - 1

Precision Manufacturing and its Applications

Exploring the extent of exactitude into the precision and the ultra-precision machining domain and hence enhancing the state of the art in the same thereby providing potential solutions to the increasing demand from industries ranging from semiconductor to automotive and aerospace. The evolution of precision manufacturing can be perceived from the value added end products. The requirement of an amalgamation of ultra-precision technology into the macro world becomes inevitable for the realization of targets associated with complex geometries and sustainable solutions

  • Topics
  • Ultra-precision machining processes - Meso, Micro, Nano
  • Applications - case studies


Workshop - 2
Precision Measurements in modern manufacturing 

In the field of engineering, not only does the accuracy matter but also the precision of measurements. A higher precision ensures lower spread of the measured values. This calls for measuring instruments that are both accurate and precise. The precision levels of measurements, especially in the manufacturing arena, have registered a tremendous improvement over the past several years, thanks to the development of advanced technologies and the instruments relying on them – ranging from contact measurement systems like CMMs to advanced non-contact measurement systems like machine vision using light, interferometers using laser and those that rely on X-ray radiations, ultrasonic waves, inductance, capacitance and proximity.

  • Topics
  • Advances in precision measurements
  • Contact and non contact measuring techniques
  • Case studies - Industrial applications



Workshop - 3
Research - Do's and Don'ts

Research is a scientific and systematic excavation of unravelled facts, spanning from proposal to deliberate documentation of which ethics is inevitable. Recognition, interpretation of ethical norms and intellectual property while defining the standards of individual research is significant. To ensure conformance to ethical requirements researchers are recommended to restrain from practices like plagiarism and irresponsible publications. Due to increased surge of research misconduct, the present day scientific community strongly demands the awareness of dos and don’ts to resolve ethical dilemmas.

  • Topics
  • How to write research Proposal
  • How to write research papers
  • Information about research funding opportunities

Event Details/Highlights


  • A/Prof Ramesh Kuppuswamy(Field: Advanced Manufacturing)
  • Ramagopal Sarepaka
  • Professor V. Radhakrishnan

  • K.P. Rajurkar

  • Dr. MS Shunmugam 

  • Dr. Mustafizur Rahman

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