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KHANAN' 2016

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

The annual Mining Fest “KHANAN-2016” aims to bring the students from different institutions offering mining & allied courses in the country on a common platform and would help them showcasing their skills. A series of events including panel discussion, guest lectures by eminent personalities in the industry, paper presentations, case studies etc. would be conducted during the three day festival. It would provide a real life environment to the aspiring Mining & Earth Sciences students and would expose them to the real world problems and challenges in the industry. The summit seeks to improve decision making and problem solving skills of the students and inculcate a sense of professionalism among them.

Event Details/Highlights

Khanan brings to you a plethora of events which will allow you showcase your skills as well as develop professional relationships with the masters of the field. The following events will test the domain and range of your classroom knowledge and practical experience :

IDEATE - Paper Presentation Event

Having an idea in mind is one thing and proving its worth to others is different. This paper presentation event is aimed to bring out the best of the ideas of the budding technocrats and to inspire them for higher achievements. The event will make you ponder upon your knowledge and contemplate upon skills you have to solve a real life problem.

INNOVARE - Case Study Event

For any Mining Engineer, it is very important to get an insight into real life problems before entering the field. The event aims to provide exposure to real life mining problems and extract some "out of the box" ideas from aspiring students.

QUIZZINE - Quiz Event

A Miner should be technically superior, but it's an icing on the cake if the deepest reaches of his mine are off the tip of his tongue. This event will test the "Miner" inside the students with a variety of Geo- Mining questions. The event will test both the accuracy and speed of the participants in tackling a challenge.

IDP - Industrial Design Problem

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. The IDP - Industrial Design Problem will push the students to think beyond the conventional and to look at it in a different way and solve it in a limited amount of time. This event is going to be a simulator which will provide the competitors with real life environment for industrial challenges.

TOPOGRAFIA - Mine Surveying Event

If it can't be expressed in figures, it is not Science, it is an opinion; and one accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions. Topografia - the event will challenge the students to apply classroom knowledge of surveying in order to solve a real problem. The event will simulate the surveying problems in real conditions.


We cannot learn everything on our own and it’s not wise either to do so. The guest lecture is a golden chance of learning for young and inquisitive minds under the tutelage of the experienced and seasoned professionals of the industry who have experienced every situation in their careers. The speakers will address most current subjects prevalent in the industry.

TREASURE HUNT - Every problem is a clue and every clue another problem. The geo-puzzles are designed for the keenest of minds and become trickier as one descends deeper. Only the true mining engineers will reach to the bottom of the pit. So call the inner Jack Sparrow in thy heart and enter the Caribbean of Miners.


Challenges in the industry don't give a wakeup call. In this overnight event the students will be provided with a surprise software. The explorers are supposed to tinker with it and apply the acquired knowledge instantaneously, testing their on-the-spot problem solving abilities. So hold your breath, hone your skills and expect some Déjà vu to happen.

TREASURE HUNT - Every problem is a clue and every clue another problem. The geo-puzzles are designed for the keenest of minds and become trickier as one descends deeper. Only the true mining engineers will reach to the bottom of the pit.



This event puts the students through a simulated version of the campus placement process. Beginning with an aptitude test, the participants will go on to appear for group discussions and eventually sit for personal interviews.

ROBOTICA - The age of machines has arrived. The humans now sit behind remotes hundreds of miles away. The bots have gone into once unreachable depths and brought out from the very heart of this earth immeasurable prospects. The participants are expected to build their futuristic bots to go fetch the riches just as the problem statement demands.

NIRVANA - Poster Presentation Event

This event puts to test the ultimate presentation skills of the participants. The participants will be required to prepare and present innovative posters as per the problem statement given. The one who says the most in least number of words will take away the prize.  


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Accomodation Details

Accommodation will be provided at Indian School of Mines.

Registration Details

To register for the event, please visit


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