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IInd WCMANU-2012

Conference on Global change: Impact on Biodiversity.culture and technology
Eligible students
Event starts
03 Nov 2012
Event ends
05 Nov 2012
Deadline for abstract submission
30 Jul 2012
Event Location
Today, with modern technology, humans can live in places where it was impossible before. This is achieved by the provision of buildings and complex infrastructure tuned to the existing climate, such as urban and rural water supplies, drainage, bridges, roads and other communications. These involve huge investments of time and money. Trade, particularly of food and fibre for manufactured goods, has also been strongly influenced by climate.
The link between climate change and biodiversity has long been established. Although throughout Earth’s history the climate has always changes with ecosystems and species coming and going, rapid climate change affects ecosystems and species ability to adapt and so biodiversity loss increases.
Biodiversity can support efforts to reduce the negative effects of climate change. Conserved or restored habitats can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus helping to address climate change by storing carbon (for example, reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation). Moreover, conserving in-tact ecosystems, such as mangroves, for example, can help reduce the disastrous impacts of climate change such as flooding and storm surges.
Conference Themes
  • Climate change & Agriculture.
  • Global Biodiversity & Conservation.
  • Pollution and Waste Management.
  • Environment Modeling and Remote sensing.
  • Global change and Medicine Evolution.
  • Food security, Safety & Storage.
  • Green Chemistry.
  • Trends in Molecule Modeling.
  • Nano-Technology and applications.
  • Bio-reclamation and Bioremediation.
  • Power Crises and alternative Green power resources.
  • Recent Trends in Genetic Engineering.
  • Trends in Technology.
  • Electronic Exploitation and application.
  • Unemployment, Corruption & Terrorism.
  • Values of Indian Culture in Globalization.
  • Diet and apparel Technology in current scenario.
  • Management of Resources and extension Education in Human Development.
  • Deterioration of Human Values and globalization.
  • Science in Vedas.
  • Ethnobotany and its application.
Abstract Submission - July 30, 2012
Confirmation & Acceptance - August 15, 2012
Full Paper - August 25, 2012
Confirmation & Acceptance - October 05, 2012
Delegate : Rs 6000
Research Student :Rs 4500
PG students: Rs 2000
Accompanying Person : Rs4000
Institutional Delegates: Rs25000

Fellow members of the MANU - International Council for Man and Nature (FMANU) will get 25 % exemption in Registration Fee for WCMANU - 2011

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