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Nirmitee '17

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Event Description

“Civil Engineering Student Association (CESA) of MAEER’s Maharashtra Institute of Technology,Pune brings to you NIRMITEE , the national level Civil Engineering Technical Event. This event aspires to bridge the distance between the working industry and the educational provision in colleges.

We proudly present to you the 18th year of NIRMITEE in all its glory. This event reaches out to a massive population and experiences the participation of almost 3500 students . It provides an opportunity for amateurs to interact with the profound members of the budding civil industry and the teaching faculty of 300 colleges across the country.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

  • Abraham Lincoln

NIRMITEE meaning  nirman or creation symbolises our attempt to strengthen the future creators with the help of the present experience , knowledge and healthy competition. This can only be done by providing a platform for students to perform , which will be evaluated by renowned personnel of Civil Engineering”

Event Details/Highlights

Paper Presentation

This event presents a National level platform to participants for presenting their technical papers in various fields of civil engineering. Papers will be judged by highly experienced judges in every specialized field of Civil Engineering.

Township Planning

Participants will design a futuristic, technologically advanced and sustainable model of a township or  Prt of it, infusing their creativity and innovation. Participants will design a patch of the city which incorporates principles of Design Utility and Optimization.

Cube Testing

This event will test participants ability to come up with a Concrete Mix Design under the given problem statement to achieve the targeted strength. Further participants have to physically prepare the mix.

Model Making

This event tests the participants ability to create models using the given materials under the given problem statement which will be tested for structural strength and stability.

Setting Out

This event is a hands-on challenge to convert a Line-Plan into an actual on-site Line-Out, using instruments such as theodolite, tapes, total-station, etc.

SOFTCON (Software in Construction)

Construction sector is entering into a new era and as a result of it there is a need to use various types of software to reduce the human effort. Hence, we are encouraging the students by introducing this event to show their talent in using software such as AutoCAD, Primavera, GIS, ERP and MSP.

Technical Quiz

The technical quiz judges know-how of the fundamentals which form the core of Civil Engineering.


The competition will test leadership qualities and other professional ethics based on purity of action required by professionals working in a global business environment.


A well-executed project is a result of good contracting skills involved. So here we provide a platform for Civil Engineering students to present their contracting skills based on drawings, use of DSR and 3 Bid System.

Technified Solution

A technical problem solving competition, which will enhance the competitive spirit and practical approach of budding Civil Engineering. It will involve solving complex problems in Civil Engineering.

Business Plan

A fresh event introduced last year, B-Plan plans to capture the entrepreneurial spirit of budding Civil Engineers. Business is one of the foremost professions in Civil Engineering and this event aims to test the acumen of young entrepreneurial minds of the country.

Accomodation Details



Accommodation and transportation facility will be provided for participants coming from 50kms or more distance from Pune city.

Only those applying for accommodation shall get a concession in transportation for one-way travel after submitting the original ticket. (Concession only for travel by MSRTC bus travel and Railways)

Those who apply for accommodation but cancel at the last minute will not get any concession for transportation.

Accommodations shall be provided only on the days of the events.

Priority for accommodation shall be given to participants participating in maximum events.

Accommodation will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

Responsibility of luggage is upon the participant.

Any kind of misbehaviour at the accommodation facilities will lead to further strict action against the suspects.

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