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TATA First Dot competition

Student Start-up recognition and mentoring programme
Organized by
NEN Trust
Eligible students
For more details
Event starts
15 Nov 2011
Event ends
15 Dec 2011
Deadline for Nominations
31 Oct 2011
Event Location
‘TATA First Dot, powered by NEN’ is launched, India’s first Student Start-up recognition and mentoring programme. Tata and NEN have developed TATA First Dot, powered by NEN, a strong national platform consisting of multiple strands, to support India’s youngest entrepreneurs. Last year, the inaugural First Dot competition and seminar, conceived and led by NEN Chennai E Leaders, far exceeded expectations: 140 student venture participants, and over 650 participants in event at SSN in January.

This year, TATA has partnered with NEN to create TATA First Dot, powered by NEN. The partnership with the TATA group is highly valuable and will help provide richer support to many more young entrepreneurs.
This multi-stage programme includes:
  • Regional workshops
  • National judged competition
  • People’s choice competition
  • 2 day conference including award event
  • Ongoing mentoring programme for the competition winners.
Structure of the Competition
Are you a Student Entrepreneur?
If yes, this is the platform for you. Enter the TATA First Dot Competition and get two shots at winning – with one entry you join both the TATA First Dot Competition, judged by eminent panel of judges, and the TATA First Dot People’s Choice competition, where online voters choose 5 winners. The winners of both competitions will be recognized at the TATA First Dot Award Ceremony and Conference, in January.

For everyone who loves a great start-up:
Do you want to help India emerge an even stronger entrepreneurial nation? Are you family or friends with a competing student entrepreneur?
If the answer is yes to either of the above, go online, check out the great start-ups, and VOTE to get them noticed at TATA First Dot People’s Choice competition.
Voting opens November 15.
Competition Details
How to Apply?
Applying for the Tata First Dot Competition is a simple process:
  • All student start-ups can apply to be showcased at the event by filling up the Founder Registration Form and the Startup Registration Form
  • The last date for receiving nominations is October 31.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • In order to be eligible to participate in the Tata First Dot competition, a startup must be:
  • Run by student(s) who is(are) pursuing a degree from a registered University
  • At least in early stage, with a prototype of its product/service to showcase. It cannot be a B Plan or an idea.
Criteria for Selection:
Once the nominations are closed, a panel of experts will review to see if they meet the mandatory criteria, and be selected for entrance. All the nominated startups are not automatically entered into the competition. If they are accepted, they will be entered into the competition, and will be notified accordingly.
To Register
Event Facebook page
Event Twitter Page!/TATAFirstDot
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