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Colloquium 2020

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Event Description

Colloquium, the annual Literary and Debating festival of NSUT, has been expanding its reach in terms of the number and diversity of activities as well as increasing the footfall in various events. It integrates various formats of debate under one conglomerate of three days.

One of the many engaging events under the aegis of Colloquium, NSUTMUN is one of the largest Model United Nations conferences in the debating circuit. Various unique committees with thought-provoking agendas are simulated each year. Indian committees are also simulated which aim at promoting discussion without the restrictions of procedure. It includes committees like All India Political Parties Meet, National Security Council and various others.

The Parliamentary Debating department conducts an extensive tournament every year, which has the most heated debates and provides the much needed adrenaline rush to the three day extravaganza.

In addition to all of the above activities and events, the literary department conducts multiple panel discussions and paper presentations every year, which sees participation from various colleges all over India. A very successful Slam Poetry event in collaboration with various spoken word artists is also hosted, which has always been one of the fest’s most beloved events.

Various other forms of debate like the English and Hindi conventional debates are also organised. Through the incessant hard work and refreshing innovation of the organising team, it has scrupulously established itself as the flagship event for debating in the Delhi circuit.

Event Details/Highlights

Riding on the success stories of the NSUT Model UN '12, '13, '14, ‘15, ’16, ‘17, '18 & '19 the Debating Society of NSUT is back with the eighth edition of the conference being held under the aegis of Colloquium 2020.

Parliamentary debating is the form of debating in which two sides with three speakers each locking horns in the most gruelling of word wars. A test of both spontaneity, logic, and reasoning skills, PD is known to the ultimate battlefield of debating to which speakers subject themselves to.

Case Study
The Case Study Competition puts the analytical skills of the participants to test. The teams are presented with a predicament pertaining to an existing business and the ones that are able to present the most creative and effective solution to the problem, win the coveted title.

Paper Presentation
"Research is the distance between an idea and its realization". Inquest, our Paper Presentation competition, under Colloquium'2020 is one of the extremely prestigious events and provides a chance for anyone to win the coveted title.

Conventional Debate
Colloquium’2020 brings to you the Netaji Subhas Memorial Conventional Debate Competition. Conventional debates are a sophisticated platform for discussion and deliberation, where opposing views on topics of social, political and economic pertinence clash.

Slam Poetry
Our flagship event for Day 1 of Colloquium, the Slam Poetry session never fails to captivate audiences. We search far and wide for the best poets in the nation and invite them to our event. They pick up topics of social relevance such as teenage addictions, women’s rights and other various societal evils. We are looking to invite artists from all over North India and our team is presently working hard to collaborate with them.

Registration Details

For registration, contact Prastuti Upadhyay, Deputy Director Colloquium 2020, 9810318070

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