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1st Model Youth United Nations (NIMMUN)

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

NIMT Institute of method and law ,as a part of its aim of providing holistic academic and co-curricular education ,is now gearing up to organize the first Edition of the Model Youth United Nations session at its Seedling School of law and Governance on 30 september2019.

Event Details/Highlights

Committees and their agendas:

1. UN General Assemobly:

Accessing the issue of .establishment of.nuclear. free zone in the of middle east.

2.UN Human rights council:

Addressing prevaling issue of improving employment opportunities for refugees and displaced persons.

3.LOK SABHA :Discussion on the revocation of article 370.

4.International press journalists,photographers&Caricaturistics.Registration Procedure:registration has to be done oinline only.

Registration Details

▪ Delegate Fee: Rs. 1500/
▪ International Press Fee: Rs. 1200/


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