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Zazen & Zephyr 2012

National level techno cultural fest
Eligible students
Event starts
17 May 2012
Event ends
20 May 2012
Event Location
Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Orissa Engineering College, Bhubaneswar will conduct Zazen & Zephyr 2012, techno cultural fest which is to be held from May 17 – 20th 2012.


Initiated and conducted by the “TECH GROUP OF OEC”.
Tech Fest comprising of different events in CSE, IT, ENTC, ELECTRICAL, CIVIL & MECHANICAL fields.
Active participation of outstation candidates.
Cash prizes worth Rs 2,50,000 given to winners of different events.
Release of an issue of Techno flame- The quarterly magazine of tech group of OEC.


The Spring Fest is the annual social & cultural festival of Orissa Engineering College .During the Zephyr, students participate in a plethora of socio-cultural activities. Most of these are day events which involve dramatics, music and dance competitions, fine-arts contests, quizzes, and other literary events. Judges of the competitions are reputed and famous personalities from different fields and organizations.

The evenings are notable for “ Star-Nites " — the biggest events in Spring Fest which usually involve live concerts by some of the most famous musicians and bands.
  • Paper Presentation
  • Robotics
  • Wet Paint
  • Civil and designing related event
  • Electrical and Electronics related events
  • Buisness releted Events
  • Gaming
  • IT and Computr related events
  • Innovation
  • Rockband
  • T-shirt Painting
  • Dance
  • Song and Music
  • Talent Show
  • Drama
  • Fashion Show
  • DJ nite
  • Painting and Stuff
  • Roadies
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