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IdEEEas 2010

Eligible students
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Fest Date
28 Oct 2010
It all started with an idea, he invented the wheel, he invented the incandescent bulb, he made long distance message-transfer in no time possible. He invented the airplane, and now in this world, virtually controlled by one or the other inventions, man has grown thirstier of the same.

IdEEEas, was conceived with the vision of providing an arena for students and professionals to flaunt their technical skills, share knowledge and network with people from different domains. IdEEEas is the annual technical fest of IEEE SIT student branch.

IdEEEas, the one day fest, consists of events ranging from robot building to business planning, from coding to gaming. The events are mostly technical. It is scheduled to be held on the 28th of October, 2010.

In "Robotics" there are again two separate events "Autostrada" and "Robo-Sumo". For more details on robotics. We have many more events like MOBI-FLIX, 'C'NARIO, VENGEANCE and MANEGGIO. So guys get ready to showcase your skills and grab heavy prizes.
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