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Workshop on IoT Technologies for Embedded Computing

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IoT Technologies for Embedded Computing

Our world is becoming increasingly connected. From items we wear, vehicles we drive, appliances in our houses, machinery in our workplace and in the infrastructure of our towns and cities - this is the Internet of Things era. We should learn how all the data being generated can be communicated to a cloud application and how the data can be used to provide real insights into what is happening, provide automatic responses to events and even provide alerts to future issues. Cloud Computing has made computing power easy for every organization. It describes a novel supplement, utilization and delivery paradigm for IT services over the Internet. Cloud paradigm offers the processing power, network bandwidth, storage, software usage, software development, testing, security etc., as services over the Internet. This workshop provides an introduction to cloud computing and a hands-on session to develop cloud ready IoT applications, build cognitive applications with Preva's IoT Platform is an award winning cloud based application accelerator platform which enables enterprises to quickly connect any device to internet in a flexible manner. Preva's IoT platform, then derives meaningful information from various connected devices and provide them to the web and mobile applications to make impactful and timely decisions.


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