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Vyvidh 2015

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

Vyvidh 2015 is a Technical Fest organised by: Vidya Academy of Science and TechnologyThrissurKerala..on February 13,14. Vyvidh provides a platform for students across the nation to showcase their talent by participating in technically challenging and mind-boggling events...

List Of Events :

1. Pro show
2.Online Photography
3.Spot Photography
4.Online Treasure Hunt

  • Electrical And Electronics Engineering Dept.

1. Vibgyor V2.0 -7 technical events in a set
2.Robo Blaster –Robo football
3.Circuitrix –Circuit Solving 
4.Mat Cracker –Mat lab software solving circuit
5.Junkyard word –Using electrical waste models

  • Computer Science and Engineering Dept

1.Exodus – Gaming
2.Gyan – Quiz exclusively for +2 students
3.Instinct –Web designing
4.Codered – Coding treasure hunt 

1.Hardware Assembly 
4.Spot music competition
5. Thakshashila – workshop (ethical hacking, android)

  • Master Of Computer Applications Dept

1.Parihara -Debuging
2.Kousala -Micro coding
3.Vaibhava -Designing
4.Kurukshethra -Games
5.Idea submission 

  • Electronics and communication Dept

1.Robo War – war btw electronic robots
2.Techno Tracer –Electronic Treasure hunt
3. Idea Corner
4.E builder –circuit design
5. Counter strike 
6.Aqua mania –Electronic boat race

  • Mechanical Engineering

1.Agnichakra- Auto Expo
2.Mr Mech
1.The Machinist –Engine assembly
2.Contruveyon - Making of mechanism
3. Auto design -Designing in cad

3.Kart attack – car racing
4.Pit stop –Tyre fitting
5.Park D car –car parking 

  • Civil Engineering Dept

1.Struttura Della Carta –Paper loading
2.Inclinata Structuram –Inclined Popsicle Structure
3.Disegno Innovativo -CADD skills
4.Chasse au tresor –Civil Treasure Hunt
5.Aminako -The best surveyor

  • Production Engineering Dept 

1.Lathe Master
2.Save the scrap –Build from scrap
3.Aqua Missile –Water gun
4.Samaritan –Best entrepreneurship idea 
5.Ideate - innovative ideas
7. Dj war- A competition btw Dj groups



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