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National level technical symposium
Organized by
VIT University
Eligible students
For more details
Event starts
19 Jan 2013
Event ends
20 Jan 2013
Event Location
Vellore, Tamil Nadu
American Society of Civil Engineers- VIT Student Chapter (ASCE-VIT) presents you Structura'13, VIT’s first and only symposium dedicated exclusively for civil engineering!
From conducting workshops, hosting guest lectures of prominent professors from all over the country, holding various kinds of events which would make people think out of the box; Structura promises to live up to its motto: Inspire minds!

Lasting two full days, January 19 & 20, the symposium is expected to attract college students from all over the country. Focusing not just on Civil Engineering, some lectures involve dwelling deep into the various aspects of life, enabling the people to think further.

The team also has various fun filled yet brain tingling events which would need not just brains but presence of mind too, thereby testing the actual brilliance of the students and thus, achieving the task of letting only the BEST walk away with the prize!

Through this symposium, the tean plans to extend the reach into the outside world and let our presence be known as a very strong force to be dealt with. What Structura asks you to do is simple: Imagine, create and thus, inspire!
Event Details
  • CADMASTER(ONLINE AND ON SPOT): Comprehend the given situation, invoke your imagination of designing & consolidate the best amongst.
  • Civil MUN: Participants role-play as diplomats representing branches of civil engineering in a simulated session, investigating global issues, debating situations, invoking the technological issues, to develop solutions, MUN style!
  • Modelling I & II: Unleash the limits in construction!! Building a structure using predefined raw materials and defying norms of gravity as we know it.
  • Beton flo: Float the unexpected!! This event aims at exploring the seas as an alternative for transport to reduce the congestion of traffic on land. Participants have to construct floating roads as per the specific dimensions and of particular density.
  • Crane wars: You will have to wage an organized, armed, and a prolonged conflict, that will be carried on between your bots typified by extreme intelligence on your part. The twists will be revealed in due time.
  • Urbanistica: An upliftment of living standards leads to modernisation. You will have to control of the use of land and design of the urban environment, including transportation networks, to guide and ensure the orderly development of communities. Research and analysis, strategic thinking, urban design, implementation and management will be the way to success.
  • QUIZ: A quiz to test the technical as well as the awareness of Current civil Engineering developments for all the young aspirinf Civil Engineering minds.
  • STRASSEN KARTE: Tired of all the nuisance on the roads? Design an ideal Transportation system which does away with all the traffic and interconnects the city in the best possible way.
Event Highlights
Prize money worth upto 1 lakh.
Guest Lecture:-
N Raghavan
-Ex Vice President & Head - Hydel and Nuclear Sector at Larsen & Turbo Ltd.
-Ex Chief Executive/Director at LT&T Ramboll Consulting Engineers Ltd.
-Ex Principal Consultant at STUP Consultants P. Ltd.

Devdas Menon
--B.Tech & PHD IIT Madras -
-Authored Technical Publications-"Reinforced Concrete design", "Structural Analysis", "Advanced Structural Analysis","Handbook on Seismic Retrofit of building"
-Chairman of BIS CED 38 Committee on "Special Structures"
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