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ESAAP 2019

Winter Combo Offer

Event Description

The uses of embedded systems are virtually limitless, because every
day new products are introduced to the market that utilize embedded
computers in novel ways. In recent years, hardware such as
microprocessors, microcontrollers and FPGA chips have become much
cheaper. So when implementing a new form of control, it’s wiser to just
buy the generic chip and write your own custom software for it.
Producing a custom-made chip to handle a particular task or set of
tasks costs far more time and money. Many embedded computers, even
come with extensive libraries, so that “writing your own software”
becomes a very trivial task indeed. The objective of this workshop is to
present and discuss the embedded system architecture, to write the
software for the processor, debug the software, to interface
peripherals with the processor.(Hands on training will be provided

Event Details/Highlights

• Introduction to Advanced Embedded Architecture
• Recent Developments in Embedded Architecture
• Real Time Operating Systems
• Implementing Real Time Algorithm
• Multitasking
• ARM Processor Interfacing
• Hands on with ARM Processor

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