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Think Space 2012 Programme: Past Forward Competition

International level architectural competition
Eligible students
Deadline for submission
17 Jul 2012
Event Location
Croatian architectural scene prides itself on a long-lasting and deep-rooted tradition of open architectural competitions, a tradition that, thanks to its comprehensiveness and versatility, seems almost unparalleled in Europe. Results are to be seen in the exceptional quality of the projects both designed and built, which not only extend the boundaries of architectural discipline, but enrich the our built environment and open up possibilities for promotion of architectural thought well beyond national borders.

In order to foster and further expand the importance and frequency of architectural competitions, it would be necessary to enrich the participants’ pool, as well as the choice of themes. Conventional architectural competitions limit full freedom of architectural thought, which especially hampers young architects and students. The noticed gap between everyday practice and experimental architectural discourse ought to be filled with detected societal and spatial issues adapted to contemporary living conditions. The new field of design and architectural activity would serve in constituting architectural profession’s identity among cultural and political domain creation of built environment, and in raising its civic engagement. It would, furthermore, draw the attention of both professional and general public to the demand of raising overall spatial awareness
Event Details - I
Zagreb Architects Society (DAZ) is launching a series of annual cycles of conceptual architectural competitions, defined by programming tasks proposed by the elected jurors, renowned Croatian and international practicing architects. The annual cycle consists of several conceptual architectural competitions. There is an overall annual theme which ties the competitions together. Guest curator determines the annual theme and defines a framework for the tasks of each individual competition. Each competition’s task is defined by its own juror. Each competition is in line with and supportive of the annual theme. Individual competitions are organized as international, open, anonymous; one stage conceptual architectural competitions.

Think Space Competition will aim primarily for architects and students of rchitecture, but others in similar professions all around the world are encouraged to participate. The call extends to the professionals and students in humanities, design, landscape architecture and arts.

The annual theme serves as an input parameter for all conceptual competitions, which will address four different programme tasks aligned with the main theme. The theme is to be determined by the guest curator.

Event Details - II
The task is formulated as interdisciplinary, based on theoretical premises questioning spatial architectural issues. Each of the jurors will define their task and present it in the form of a short essay, which will then serve as basis for the participants’ work.


Entries can be submitted only through the Think Space web site. Participants need to register prior to submitting the applications. Applications are in digital form according to propositions of each single competition and files are uploaded on the server.

  • I Prize 5.000 EUR
  • II Prize 1.000 EUR
  • III Prize 500 EUR
Possible changes in the awards, honourable and merit prizes will be defined upon the fundraising activities and at the discretionary right of the jurors.

The duration of the whole cycle (annual theme and “seasonal” competitions) is one calendar year. Each single competition lasts for 3 months.
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