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Sector Green


The Company is a venture by a child entrepreneur and does is a non profit organisation. We here at Sector Green have a set organisational structure and look to provide our employees the best possible experience. They are all allowed to work from home and have an enriching experience as they face a variety of clients. Sector Green is scheduled to go international next year where we would like to extend our services to the South Asian countries. It is an organisation that is being built from scratch and shall provide all the participants an enriching experience on how a company is set up, how efficiently we look to serve our clients and treat our employees equally as we would treat any other client. Our company shall not merely discard you into one corner of an office and limit your experience. We look to involve you in main stream fields such as Management and finances. We also have a strong development service for the employees and shall look after all their problems both that face them during their professional career as well as personal life. Looking forward to enriching you at Sector Green and help you distinguish yourself as quality compared to the quantity. Thank You, The Sector Green Team
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